What To Include In Your Company’s Printed Face Masks

Currently, small and large businesses across the UK are investing in good branding strategies to make their companies stand out from competitors. And with the ongoing pandemic, one way to do this is by getting printed face masks. Printed face masks market your business by serving as a walking billboard, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

Keep reading to learn what information to include on your company’s printed face masks to achieve your marketing goals.

Designing your Face Masks

The graphics and design of your face masks can make or break your marketing campaign. For one, it’s not wise to include too much information. Your intended message can get lost in translation, confusing your target audience even more. Similarly, adding pictures and symbols that don’t relate to your brand can adversely affect its reputation.

So, a lot of thought needs to go into picking the right design, text and graphics for your business face masks. A great starting point is to ask yourself the following questions:

• What is your CTA? (Do you want customers to call, email or purchase your products/services)
• What’s your intended message?
• Who’s your target audience?
• What products/services does your brand offer? (Helps you choose your face mask colour palette.

What Information to Include

Some of the information to include in your printed face masks to promote your business is:

1. Logo

A logo is a critical part of any branding strategy as it helps customers identify and distinguish your brand from its competitors. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include your company’s logo on your face masks.

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Just ensure the logo is printed properly in the correct sizing to make it visible to your target audience. The goal is for viewers to recognize the logo immediately they see anyone wearing your printed face masks.

2. Contact information

Including contact information in your businesses’ face masks ensures customers can reach you at any time. Whether they have enquiries or want to make a purchase, contact information serves as a direct link between you and your clients.

You can include anything from your business email to your phone number or postal address. But, don’t include all your contact information as you don’t want the overall design to appear too crowded. It can turn customers away. Simply add one or two details of contact information.

3. Slogan

Slogans are short, catchy phrases that are widely used in advertising to draw attention to a brand’s products/services and relay its benefits. If your brand has a slogan, add it to your printed face mask designs.

Slogans can help your audience recall your business even without the brand name or product. A good example is McDonald’s “I’m loving it.”

4. Graphics

To make your printed masks more unique and distinctive, you can add graphics. This is basically any attractive visuals that capture your audience’s attention and prompt them to want to read more. Some businesses go for simple images that relate to their brand, while others work with graphic designers to create bold illustrations that communicate their brand message.

Whatever you choose, ensure it aligns with your brand and its values.

Bottom Line

You can do a lot when creating printed face masks to achieve your marketing goals and maintain profitability. So, don’t limit your creativity and explore different designs until you find what works best for your business.