The Differences Between’s Zippers

There are many choices in the world of zippers today. But with all these options, some shoppers find themselves confused and baffled when ordering the zippers that they need for their projects.

To save you from the hassle, here is a quick rundown of the different types of zippers to choose from:

Metal Zippers’s metal zippers come in different gauge sizes and finishes.The most common finishes are antique brass, antique nickel, brass, gunmetal, and nickel. There are instances that antique copper and copper are used, but it is definitely not as common as other finishes.

Various industries in apparel making opt for one finish over the other depending on the appearance of the final garment they want to achieve. A good example is denim makers. Many denim makers are aware of the abuse the jeans go through and they choose to use a denim zipper.

Denim zippers are typically made from brass to endure brutal washes. These metal zippers are used on different items including coveralls and handbags. One of the categories of metal zippers is luxury zippers. These luxury zippers usually have a high shine and high polish. They have undergone much more processing to achieve a smooth finish that improves your design’s finish.

Nylon Coil Zippers

Nylon coil zippers are made just as their name implies. There is a nylon monofilament “coiled” to form the teeth. This is then sewn on the zipper tape to create the final zipper product.

These nylon coil zippers are the preferred zippers in the luggage and outdoor industry. Backpacks, suitcases, camping apparel, and tents are often made with nylon coil zippers.

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The construction of this zipper leads to a stronger horizontal strength. Nylon coil zippers can also be repaired easily if ever a tooth goes out of alignment. The sliders in these zippers can be placed on the zipper chain in any direction with the zipper still functioning properly.

Invisible Zippers

Invisible zippers have two primary types. The first one is the true invisible zipper most often used and seen in women’s skirts. The second one is the invisible identical or reverse coil zipper.

An invisible zipper is sewn into the skirt’s seam to achieve a clean finish. With a closer inspection of an invisible zipper, you will see pleats on the zipper tape that lets the sewer sew all the way to the seam line.

On the other hand, the invisible identical zipper is just a regular nylon coil zipper oriented backwards to achieve an invisible appearance. Sewing all the way to the seam is not possible with this zipper because the slider needs room to move.

Plastic Molded Zippers

Plastic molded zippers are made from acetal polymer extruded through a mold to form the teeth. The teeth have perfect symmetry, which means that plastic molded zippers have sliders running in either direction. These are pretty versatile zippers and are often used on apparel and even handbags at times. It all depends on the preferred appearance of the final design.