The Best Guide To Choose Your Type Of Jeans Or Jeans.

Do you know what types of jeans or jeans exist? It happens to many of us that, when going to buy jeans, we find a great diversity of models and we do not end up clarifying what term specific denim corresponds to. For this reason, I have decided to write a post about the types of women’s jeans and types of men’s jeans that can be offered in a store. You can find from the classic models, always, to those that are trending this season. No more doubts, no more brain teasers, and countless exits from the fitting room to pick up another model until we found our perfect jeans. In addition, I include a section to find out what types of jeans or jeans feel better. I hope it will serve as a guide for future purchases, for more information on womens ripped jeans, click here.

Types Of Jeans Or Jeans

The following classification is applicable to both men and women, even if only photographs of female models have been used.

Regular Fit

They are classic straight-cut jeans. Some manufacturers also call them “straight fit”. Narrow at the waist or hip, it widens straight at the leg until the end of the jean. They are recommended for people who want to hide their hips, as well as petite and slim silhouettes.

Skinny Jeans

Better known as cigarettes. They fit perfectly to our body , they favor curvaceous silhouettes and those lacking in shapes.

Super Skinny Jeans

Consider them like a second skin, since they adjust much more than skinny jeans to the shape of your body. You can also find them under the name of “superslim” or “jeggings” . If you are very thin and cannot show off your curves, buy this model. You will see the result


They are wider than the previous two, they have a masculine cut and straight lines. As you will see in the photo, most of the girls wear their bottoms folded and combine them with stilettos or flat sneakers (sneakers), depending on the type of look they want to wear, more chic or more street style. Recommended for girls who do not have curves, since it gives volume to their hips.

Boot Cut

For those of us who wear boots or ankle boots with our jeans, this option is magnificent. They are jeans that incorporate a semi-bell at the ankles. They fit into the Flared Jeans classification that we will see below.

Flared Jeans

These is the flared jeans. This type of denim is a trend for fall-winter 2015. I remember wearing them about 10 years ago and they are back!!! They are the typical wide jeans from the bottom, which make the legs look like bells. Depending on the breadth of it, we can classify them into elephant foot, palazzo and bootcut. The first ones are those with the most spacious bell, the palazzo has a medium width and the bootcut ones have the smallest bell. They have always been my favorites. They are ideal for proportionate bodies.

Cropped Flared Jeans

To understand us, in Spain, they will sound like the “flared fishing boats” . I think that way we can visualize in our mind what the name refers to

Ripped jeans

They are ripped pants. The most common is to find this type of rips under the pockets, on the thigh or on the knees. I’m also crazy about these, but I like them better in the summer season.

Jeans That Fit Best

In my opinion, the types of jeans or jeans that feel the best are those that are suitable for the purpose we are pursuing. That is, they are the ones that meet our expectations according to the look we want to show.

  • If you love the masculine look and want to feel comfortable, without giving up a casual style, bet firmly on boyfriend jeans.
  • You want to focus attention on your shoes and hide your square body, opt for cropped jeans. Of course, some printed ‘pump’ shoes will be ideal for this look.
  • Don’t know how to look taller? Would you like to lengthen your silhouette a few centimeters more? No problem. Put on flared jeans and wear platforms with track soles. you’ll be great
  • If your purpose is to show your most youthful and cool side, choose jeans with patches.
  • If you don’t want to complicate your existence and are looking for a minimalist look, straight jeans are your best ally.
  • You have a rock soul and you want to attract attention. You feel like the coolest in the place. You’re definitely pro for ripped jeans.
  • Your curves are dizzying and not showing them would be a sin. The skinny jeans will highlight your 100% femininity, There are also other bottoms for women at Evaless boutique store.
  • So take note, the women’s jeans that feel the best are the ones that help us show the version of our personality that we want to promote abroad.