Testosterone Enanthate Application and Description

Testosterone enanthate is a long ester of testosterone, which is one of the most popular substances in various sports and medical fields. It’s been used in bodybuilding since the days of the old school flat stomach and chunky torso (a joke about insulin bellies). In medicine, its use in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in adult men is very popular. It really is an ideal treatment for androgenic hormone deficiency in the male population. You have a great opportunity to buy testosterone enanthate at the best price on the website of this store

Brief Introduction And Description Of The Ether

The drug has gained the attention of athletes due to its duration of action, up to three weeks, with a half-life of up to eight days. The enanthate ester binds to testosterone through the 17-beta hydroxyl group. Testosterone levels do not increase immediately after injection, but gradually after the ester begins to separate from the hormone. An increase in testosterone levels will be seen in the first 1-2 days after injection. Such an action makes it possible not to use frequent injections, but at the same time to maintain blood testosterone values ​​at a stable level. Another good thing about Testosterone Enanthate is its prevalence in the anabolic steroid market, which makes it widely available, reasonably priced, and virtually impossible to counterfeit.

Enanthate has high androgenic and anabolic activity (benchmark for all steroids), and also actively converts to estradiol and dehydrosterone (at high doses or with the right body characteristics). Naturally, there are various side effects, and unfortunately, we cannot do without them. Fortunately, they are easy to control (they occur very rarely). Many Spanish and world athletes take testosterone enanthate for bodybuilding and are happy with the results.

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What Effects Does Testosterone Enanthate Have?

This drug is a type of universal synthetic steroid that can be used for almost any athletic purpose. It is mainly used in power cycles and periods of active weightlifting. But in the end, its effects depend on many factors, such as estradiol levels, sensitivity to dehydrotestosterone, and the athlete’s diet and training regimen. For more information on the effects of the substance in question, see below:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass, associated with increased protein synthesis. Although Testosterone Enanthate used as a “standalone” product rarely leads to significant gains (unless you’re new to pharmacology), its use in combination with injectable or oral anabolics remains much more of a priority. In addition, it allows to improve recovery between workouts, increasing the volume and intensity of the training process without detriment to the body’s resources.
  • Fat burning inherent in almost all anabolic steroids. It is especially effective when following a proper diet and cardio exercises. However, even without exercise, you can expect some reduction in body fat.
  • Fluid retention accompanied by greater elasticity of muscle and ligamentous tissue. This is why Testosterone Enanthate is often recommended for athletes suffering from injuries, as well as being widely used by power athletes who are regularly subjected to higher than normal stress. “The healing effect is even more pronounced in combination with nandrolone, growth hormone and some peptides. There are cases where the product has literally “grounded” and helped those who seemed condemned to finish it because of a serious injury.
  • An increase in general tone, greater aggressiveness and greater training efficiency. This effect, common to all testosterone derivatives, makes you train harder and with more intensity. However, if the recommended dose is considerably exceeded, it can cause morbid anxiety and outbreaks of unmotivated aggression.