Fashionable Glasses Frames To Stay In Trend This Year

Every year, we all witness a new set of trends in fashion. Some of them are fun while others can be too bizarre to try. If you are someone fashion-forward just like us, you probably have an eye out for every upcoming trend and also like to try them yourself.

Fashion trends are not only seen in clothing or shoes but eyewear as well. From classic to quirky, the eyewear industry also sees new trends every year. If you are also an eyewear enthusiast, you probably know the frame style we are going to talk about in this article already.

But, if you are coming in blind to this article, we will fill you in on the latest trends that will take the fashion industry by storm this year. To help you stay fashion-forward, here is the list of designer glasses that you must include in your wardrobe right away.

Cat-eye glasses

When it comes to choosing a frame style that will forever be in trend, cat-eye glasses remain a clear winner. Unlike the popular style in the 50s and 60s, cat-eye frames these days are available in soft curves which make them elegant and chic at the same time.

If you want to channel your inner starlet such as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, sport this style with full confidence.

Transparent frames

Transparent glasses remain the most sought after eyewear trend this year. Famous for their unobtrusive built and minimalist appeal, these glasses are either see through or have a light tint in pastel shades.

Last year was all about bold boxy frames but the fashion crowd has become more refined in their frame choices and hence the growing popularity of transparent frames. These glasses will add a hint of poise to your look while going perfectly well with any outfit.

Geometric frames

Feeding the desires of creative souls who think that ordinary is too boring, geometric glasses are here to save the day. Angular frames shaped in a unique pentagon, hexagon or octagon have quickly become one of the most favoured eyewear trends this year. And do you know what’s even better? They are designed to mix well with any face shape.

Oversized glasses

Just like boyfriend jeans and oversized coats, oversized glasses are the must-have in your wardrobe. You can go with just any design and colour given that the style is primarily for making a bold fashion statement. Try these glasses in square or round shapes and exude style without moving a finger.

Bold black frames

This trend has been around for a decent amount of time and has no intention of leaving the hearts of millions of eyewear lovers anytime soon. Black glasses frames in bold shapes can be worn by both men and women. They are not only trendy but they have a unique style appeal which is something everybody wants from their glasses. Being a neutral colour, you won’t have to worry about teaming it up with your outfits.

Wooden frames

After experimenting with advanced frames materials such as acetate, metal, titanium and stainless steel, designers are now ready to give them an earthy appeal. This has led to the use of wood in making the glasses frames.

Where wooden glasses have no match in expressing individualism, they are extremely comfortable to wear as well. Wood is also hypoallergenic so your frame has no allergic reaction on your skin.

Tortoiseshell frames

What could be more fashionable and classy than the very own tortoiseshell glasses. With colours that are easy on the eyes and the dual tone of these glasses, they can be safely used as eyeglasses or fashion glasses or both.

Unlike the past times when these frames were only available in warm hues, tortoiseshell glasses today are available in cool tones for those with cool skin tone. Whether you are going lowkey or preppy, complete your look with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses and you won’t be missing out on a thing.

The takeaway

With these frame styles in your wardrobe, get ready to be the next style icon. If you liked a style and you can’t find it in your local eyewear store, you can get your glasses online and get access to the variety of frame styles.

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