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All About the Chinese Perm: Pros, Cons, and How to Get the Look

The Chinese perm is an iconic hairstyle that has been popular since the 1980s. It gives the wearer a voluminous and eye-catching look, which is why it continues to be a favorite for those looking for a dramatic style. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the Chinese perm, and provide advice on how to achieve the look. So if you’re considering getting a Chinese perm, read on to learn more!

What is a Chinese Perm?

A Chinese perm is a type of permanent wave or hair curl created using rods. This look originated in China and is popularly used to give straight hair a curly, textured look. It is also known as a Cold Wave Perm or Cold Perm as the technique does not require any heat or chemicals. Chinese perms involve winding the hair around small rods, which are then secured in place with clips. The hair is then saturated with a special solution that helps the curls to set and hold their shape. After the perm solution is left on for a specified period of time, the rods are removed and the hair is rinsed with cold water. The final look will depend on the size of the rods and the length of time that the perm solution is left on.

A Chinese perm is an ideal choice for those who want a long-lasting curl without the damaging effects of a chemical perm. It can be used to add body to limp hair and make it more manageable, giving it more movement and texture. This type of perm works best on hair that is medium length or longer.

The Pros And Cons Of Getting A Chinese Perm

Pros: A Chinese perm is an innovative hair treatment that can help you get a sleek and sophisticated look. This look can last up to two months, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your new hairstyle. In addition, this treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home or at a salon, so you don’t have to worry about a long commute or high costs.

Cons: The Chinese perm process can be quite time-consuming and tedious, with each curl taking around 5-15 minutes to complete. In addition, this treatment requires a lot of heat to achieve the desired look, which can cause damage to your hair if not applied correctly. This treatment is best suited for people with thick, healthy hair since it doesn’t work as well on fine, thin hair.

How To Get The Look Of A Chinese Perm?

If you’re looking to get the look of a Chinese perm, the first step is to go to a stylist who specializes in the technique. Ask for a consultation to discuss the kind of look you’re hoping to achieve, and ensure that the stylist is experienced with the process.

The perm process begins with your hair being washed, dried, and brushed. This helps the perm solution penetrate and work into the hair more effectively. Afterward, a perming solution is applied to the hair and it’s placed onto rollers of different sizes. The size of the roller will determine the amount of curl achieved. Once the rollers are all in place, the solution is left to set for up to an hour.

After the setting time, the rollers are removed and a neutralizing solution is applied to stop the process from continuing. This solution is left on for about 10 minutes before being rinsed off with warm water. Your hair is then washed and conditioned, before blow-drying and styling it. Depending on the type of curl you’re looking for, it may be necessary to further style your hair with curling tongs or a curling wand.

A Chinese perm is a great way to get dramatic curls that last for several months. However, be sure to take care of your hair and use products specifically designed for perm-treated hair in order to keep your curls looking their best.


The Chinese perm is a versatile and interesting look that can help you switch up your style in a unique way. The tight curls created by the perm can create a voluminous, glamorous look or a more relaxed, wavy style depending on how it’s styled. Although there are some drawbacks to getting a Chinese perm like the need for frequent trims and styling products, with proper care and attention, you can enjoy your new look for months to come. If you’re interested in trying out a Chinese perm, make sure to consult with a professional stylist and find the best option for your hair type.