9 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Bands to Make Them Meaningful

Once you’ve got the wedding band, you want to make it yours. From adding custom engravings to choosing a unique color, there are countless ways to personalize your wedding bands. In this article, we are going to dive into a few various ways that you and your significant other can take your rings to the next level.

How to Personalize Your Wedding Bands

Go Custom

What’s a better way to personalize your wedding bands than with unique, one-of-one, personalized wedding bands? Seriously, that’s unbeatable. Going custom allows you to also get the exact bands that you’re looking for, and designing the bands together can be a lifelong memory and treasured experience.

Add Something into the Ceremony

This doesn’t customize the physical appearance of your couple’s wedding bands, but it does imbue them with a unique story and memory that’ll make them special. Consider if there’s a tradition in your family or background that you could add into the ceremony for a unique emotional aspect.

If you’re looking for traditions to include, the Irish ring warming ceremony seems to be gaining some popularity lately. The rings are passed from guest to guest, where everyone in attendance can offer blessings and well wishes to the couple when they get the ring. Again, while this one won’t change the physical appearance of the rings, it’ll make the character of them more unique.

Get an Engraving

This is one of the simplest and most popular ways to personalize a wedding band. The sky’s the limit on exactly what you can engrave, but some of the more standard choices are things like the date of the wedding, initials or the date of your engagement. Of course, there are some more unique choices, like song lyrics, poems or even heartbeats from an electrocardiograph! Very romantic.

Choose a Gemstone

While most wedding bands don’t have a center stone, you can still add a gemstone or something similar. Depending on the style you go with, you can even add a small gemstone on the inside of a wedding band. Which gemstone you choose can also have significance, so you don’t have to just choose your birthstone. This can be a great way to add a touch of color if you went with a classic men’s wedding ring style, too.

Pick a Unique Color

Now, if you’re wearing both the wedding band and engagement ring together, you want to make sure they complement each other. However, beyond that, you can make your wedding bands whatever color you want. Want them in rose gold? Done. How about black? Sure. Whatever fun and unique color you want, it’s out there and it’s a great way to make your wedding bands just a bit more you.


Solder Your Wedding Band

This used to be popular and has pretty much fallen out of fashion, though some people still do it. While it’s not for everyone, if you know you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together on a daily basis, consider just fusing the two together. It tells the story of your engagement and wedding all at the same time — plus, you never get your finger pinched between the two rings. Win-win.

Skip the Matching Wedding Bands

While it’s not for everyone, you might find meaning by having complementary wedding bands instead of matching ones. You honestly might find a certain meaning in having two completely different types of wedding bands. Are you two opposites that did, as the cliché goes, attract? Maybe a good way to show that off is with two wildly different wedding bands. It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you!

Propose with a Wedding Band

You know what’s special and romantic? Not going into big wedding debt. While it’s totally fine and normal to have an engagement and a wedding ring, there’s no absolute requirement to do so. Maybe a big part of your life together has been getting out of debt, and you want to celebrate that. Keep things simple with one band and keep your financial commitment to each other.


Add a Ring on Your Band

And by that, we mean accent stones. If you love a certain look or certain material and it has significance to you, add it to your wedding band! Wedding bands are often simple and sleek, but there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun with them. Add a ring of your favorite stone on your wedding band to bring extra character and dimension to your wedding band. Plus, it’ll really stand out, even on its own.


You really don’t have to do a lot to make your wedding bands unique, though you’re more than welcome to. Even if you don’t do anything to your wedding bands, over time, they’ll pick up little bits of wear or patina and tell their own unique and meaningful story.