7 Nude Eye Shadow Palettes To Try In 2022

There is no doubt in the fact that nude eyeshadow palettes have become the new iconic make up product along the lines of red lipstick, ballet slipper–pink nail lacquer, and kohl-black liner. It is the new quintessential must-have in the bags of beauty lovers everywhere. Moreover, as everyone has a favorite that gets you through many cocktail parties, concerts, and mimosa-filled brunches, these soft, neutral palettes still don’t receive the full recognition they deserve.

Hence, in order to offer them all a round of applause, we decided to come up with top nude eye shadow palettes that one can use alone or in conjunction with other shadows, on a weekly and daily basis.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

Starting off with the best nude eyeshadow palettes of all time – this is based on some pops of color including the eye-catching Candied Violet and Cherry Cordial. However, it is actually the palette’s universally flattering neutral shades that make it the most decadent we have ever seen. Besides that they also come scented with a delicious pinch of antioxidant-rich cocoa.

Black Opal 12-Well Eyeshadow Palette

This palette by Black Opal follows its tagline to the fullest “A palette to make your melanin pop!” It consists of 12 earth-tone shades that range from nude to chocolate—with shimmers of gold in between and contributes in creating an endless array of looks. It doesn’t matter when you want to blend colors or wear them on their own, you get the naturally enhanced color.

Westmore Beauty Bette Davis Palette

The highlight of this palette is a warm brown and taupe brown shadow. Hence, it doesn’t matter what undertones you choose, you will always be able to pick a shade to suit your look. It comes with two highlight shade options, and a warm black tone for lining which assist in flattering all skin tones. There is also a concealer that can be used as a primer in the palette.

L’Oréal Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eye Shadow

This affordable palette can give the best palettes a run for their money. The 10 pretty matte and shimmer shades make this palette the best for adding a touch of dimension to tired lids.

e.l.f. Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Generally, nude eyeshadow palettes are assumed to be just “matte.” However, metallic neutral tones can be pretty and flattering too. This all-inclusive palette from drugstore’s hot favorite brand e.l.f. is vegan, cruelty-free, and can be a sparkling addition to weekly shadow rotation.

Real Eye Palette 8.5G #Nude Mood

This eyeshadow palette by Espoir is an emerging star of K-beauty products by Sensoo Skincare. It offers various shades in one palette varying from matte to glittery. All of the shades are very pigmented and can work well to create a great look for every occasion or every day.

Tarte Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Tarte is a name that has always been synonymous to classic eye shadow palettes. It has always been a skin-friendly brand for creative extraordinary formulation, pigment, and overall eye-candy appeal. The brand has carried forward its legacy with this matte palette that is also infused with all important ingredients like vitamin E and Amazonian clay for the eyes.